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 Hacxx Denial of Service 1.2 - Multiply the number

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Multiply the number of connections to a site up to 50x. For single multi-thread denial of service use the old version (1.0) as it connects and disconnects 1 connection at the time in a continous mode.

- Increase up to 50 users by typing the address

- Works better with internet radios 50x

- Works with any port (For example :8080)

- Able to keep connection alive

- Easy to use

- Always run in a dedicated windows instalation
(As it can take a lot of system resources)


Virus Scan: (8/60 - Lots of detections)

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 Release Forum from Diabolic  DevilTeam  DDoS  Hacxx Denial of Service 1.2 - Multiply the numberNouveau sujet   Répondre
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